About Hattie Jane Innes Dee, Age and Father.

Hattie Jane Innes Dee is 30 years of age born in the year 1992.Hattie Jane is the daughter of Jack Dee.Hattie Dee’s father is an English stand-up comedian, actor, presenter and writer.Hattie’s father is best known for his sarcasm, irony and deadpan humour.

Hattie Jane Innes Dee:Profile Summary

NameHattie Jane Innes Dee
Famous asDaughter of Jack Dee
Birth1992 (30 years)
ParentsJack Dee ,Susan Jane Hetherington
GrandparentsRosemary A. and Geoffrey T. Dee
Aunt and uncle Joanna Innes Dee and David Simon Innes Dee

The father of Hattie Jane Innes Dee was born James Andrew Innes Dee but known as Jack Dee.Hattie’s father was born on 24 September 1961 in Orpington, Kent, England but grew up in nearby Petts Wood and he is the youngest child of three children.

Hattie Dee’s father was born to Rosemary A. and Geoffrey T. Dee.Hattie’s father’s siblings were Joanna Innes Dee and David Simon Innes Dee.

Hattie’s dad got married to Susan Jane Hetherington in 1986, in Winchester, Hampshire and they gave birth to four children.

Jack Dee, the father of Hattie was a director of Open Mike Productions and co-founded with Addison Cresswell,which creates shows for television and radio.Hattie’s father also wrote and starred in the sitcom Lead Balloon and hosts the panel show ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’.

Hattie Jane’s father in his twenties began to drink heavily. He attended church and attempted to become a priest but gave up after he discovered that,that was not his portion. He never stopped drinking and later, he defined his situation as “alcohol abuse” rather than alcoholism.Hattie’s father advertised John Smith’s Bitter, becoming known as “the midget with the widget”,back in the 1990s.

Hattie Jane’s father has won for himself several awards which includes Best Entertainment Performance,Best Stand-up Comedian,Best Stage Newcomer and more.

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