Who is Bobby Kennedy Parsons? His Parents And More

Bobby Kennedy Parsons

Bobby Kennedy Parsons is Tony Victor Parsons and Julie Burchill’s son. His father Tony Parsons was an English journalist, broadcaster, and author while his mother, Julie Burchill was an English writer.

Bobby kennedy Parsons: Profile Summary

Name bobby kennedy Parsons
Famous asJulie Burchill’s son
Gender Male
ParentsTony Parsons and Julie Burchill
GrandparentsEmma Parsons, Victor William Robert Parsons

Bobby kennedy Parsons’ father, Tony Parsons was born on 6 November 1953 in Romford, Essex, England, and was the only child of his parents. He married two wives namely Julie Burchill and Yuriko Parsons. Tony also had two children, Robert Kennedy Parsons and Jasmine Parsons.

He began his career as a music journalist and later wrote for The Daily Telegraph before writing 18 years for the Daily Mirror. Parsons is the author of the novel Man and Boy, The Kids, Platinum Logic and Limelight Blues, and One For My Baby among others. He also presented a film for the British television documentary series, Without Walls (1993).

Meanwhile, Kennedy Parsons’ mother, Julie Burchill was born on 3 July 1959 in Bristol. She has contributed to newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian. Her 2004 novel, Sugar Rush was adapted for television and her publicist described her as “Britain’s most famous and controversial journalist” for the novel Sugar Rush.

In 2002, Julie’s writing was characterized as “outrageously outspoken” and “usually offensive” by The Observer and has been the subject of legal action on various occurrences.

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Julie Burchill got married to three people; Tony Parsons, Cosmo Landesman, and Daniel Raven. She also had two sons; Bobby Kennedy Parsons and Jack Landesman.

Burchill made it known that she was attracted to girls in their 20s. She wrote about her lesbian relationships as she proclaimed that she would not describe herself as ‘heterosexual’, ‘straight’, or anything else, especially not ‘bisexual’.

Burchill was however married to Tony Parsons briefly and they had a son. She left her husband Tony Parsons leaving her son behind. Following her leaving, they encountered years of rancour in the media as she made claims to have endured the “sexual side” of her marriage with Parsons.

Right after she split with her husband Parsons, she went on to marry Cosmo Landesman and they had a son. She also left Landesman in 1992. Again she married her third husband Daniel Raven.

Julie lost her second son, Jack Landesman at the age of 29 by suicide in late June 2015.

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