Patty Mayo’s Net Worth

Patty Mayo's Net Worth

Patty Mayo’s Net Worth- 2022

Born Patrick Thomas but known by many as Patty Mayo is an American YouTuber and entertainer whose net worth is estimated to be about $849,000 as of March 2022.

Patty runs a YouTube channel that has a massive number of followers. His channel Id is pattymayotv and his Youtube is @Patty Mayo. He has over 8.2 million subscribers. The YouTube channel and bounty hunting series have made him popular as he rose to fame after he began doing vlogs, pranks, and bounty hunt series on Youtube. Patty Mayo is widely known for his series, “Southland bounty hunters.”

Patty celebrates his birthday on July 6 every year. He was born in the year 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts. Patty relocated from where he was born and raised, in Boston, Massachusetts to Southern California. Patty has kept his personal life private as much is known about his family.

Patty makes his wealth from his YouTuber channel, where he reportedly makes about $206,000 monthly and about $2.5 million yearly. His net worth is estimated to be $ 4.2 million.

Patty Mayo: Profile Summary

NamePatrick Thomas Tarmey
Date Of Birth06 July 1987
Ethnicity Caucasian
ProfessionBusinessman, YouTuber, and model
Birth placeBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Partner Raven Walton

The American entrepreneur and entertainer started his youtube channel in the year 2013. Before being a bounty hunting YouTuber, Patty was an entrepreneur. He owns several businesses which include, Boston-based Paramotor Tours and Abington Zombie Apocalypse.

After Mayo launched his channel on YouTube, it took a while before he could have an authentic brand on the video streaming platform, YouTube. The entertainer made prank videos to begin and later added trending challenges where he put himself and his content team at risk by trying to capture footage of disasters in California.

He gained followers when he depicted himself as an Oregon sheriff, a following that enjoy his high-octane storylines and the element of danger in his videos.

Mayo also explored new and inspired structure videos, high-octane, high-risk (or perceived risk) bounty hunting stories and then the Southland Bounty Hunter series comes on, Mayo and his team, including his girlfriend Kayla, as they attempted to apprehend wanted criminals.

Several people became interested in Mayo’s style of footage, the fast pace of his apprehensions, and the no-holds-barred energy of the bounty hunting content.

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The staged nature of Mayo’s shows has helped his channel very well and a lot of people have grown interested, making him the bounty hunting YouTube sensation he is today. Most of his videos have gained massive views, videos like, ‘He helped me repo his girlfriend’s car’ and ‘Black belt puts me in an arm bar’. Patty’s videos keep getting him more views and his popular video, Wanted Girl Found Hiding out in an Airplane has about 11 million views.

Patty has another youtube channel, Extra Mayo. On the Extra Mayo channel, he vlogs about his personal life and relationship. However, Mayo has come across some criticisms from people who refer to his videos as fake.

Patty Mayo’s YouTube Channel has 9,930,000 subscribers with 202 videos uploaded and a total channel views are 1.2B.

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