Cari Stahler: Facts about Roger Howarth’s wife 

Cari Stahler

Who is Cari Stahler?

Cari Stahler is an American actress who is known for her role in Raw Nerve. She is also recognized as the wife of the famous actor Roger Howarth.

Cari Stahler: Bio Summary

Full NameCari Stahler
famous asWife of Roger Howarth
Age Unknown
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of Birth United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
SpouseRoger Howarth (m. 1992)
Children Langston Howarth, Julian Howarth

 Cari Stahler was born in the United States of America. How old is she? Not much is known about her age of Cari, she has not shared any information regarding her age. But many fans believe she is between 45-50 years old. Her husband Roger on the other hand is 54 years old as of 2022.

The beautiful couple have been spotted at various events together and loved up.

How did Cari and Roger meet?

Cari Stahler and Roger Howarth met in New York, where Howarth lived above the café where she worked. She asked him on a date and they went on a date at Coney Island. They married in 1992 in a beautiful ceremony in the presence of their friend, family, and loved ones. The two love birds have been together since. They have two children together, Julian and Colette.

 Roger Howarth the husband of Cari Stahler

Roger Howarth is an American actor born on September 13, 1968. He was born in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. His father was part of theaters and wrote plays, so he was introduced to arts at an early age. Cari Stahler’s husband performed in the play The Grand Duke at the age of seven.

He was also greatly active in his high school drama department and performed in numerous plays at school. He played soccer from a young age till he turned 19 years of age.  He took the opportunity to play in other countries with the Puma Shoes U.S. National Soccer Team.

He was once said in an interview if he was a professional soccer player, Howarth answered, “No! Heavens no.”  He repeated how he played soccer as a child up to his late teenage years and said he was on a team that played in Europe, Brazil, and other countries, but that it was an amateur team; he “never got paid” to play, Howarth said.

Howarth studied political science at George Washington University because he initially did not want to start acting as a profession, but he dropped out of college after a semester to join a strong acting program at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Connecticut.

Howarth’s talent was discovered when there was a nationwide talent search and was cast in the role of Kent Winslow on the ABC daytime drama named Living. The role only lasted for a short while. He was cast on the  ABC daytime drama One Life to Live as rapist Todd Manning in what was supposed to be a day-player role, shortly after the last role and it became one of the genre’s most successful and enduring characters. The character was termed, an icon by the press.

Since 1992, Cari Stahler’s husband was portrayed as Todd on and off. He won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1994 for the role, because he was greatly complimented for the role in the series. Howarth subsequently attempted to redeem Todd, but it discouraged him. At a public appearance, when a female fan shouted “Rape me, Todd!”, his mixed feelings about the role became deep.

Though they attempted to pair him and his victim, Marty Saybrooke, romantically, Howarth quit the show in 1995. He eventually returned, but his character, Todd was portrayed even more as a villain than a hero. His character which was paired with Kassie DePaiva’s Blair Cramer won him a lot of fans and the two later became a super couple.

 Cari Stahler’s husband was able to extend his career to primetime and was cast as the murderous Randall Lynch for 4 episodes of the sci-fi series Prey

Howarth left One Life to Live, in 2000. He was portrayed as Professor Greg Hetson on the series Dawson’s Creek in 2003 when they went a brief break from the role of Todd. He made the decision later that year to move on from the role of Todd, and signed on with the CBS daytime drama As the World Turns, taking over the role of Paul Ryan in July 2003.

There was a report in August 2010, that Howarth would be returning to One Life to Live sometime in January 2011, though other sources argued on this.

On 14, August 2011 there were confirmed reports that Cari Stahler’s husband would be returning to the series. And before he reclaimed his previous role, it was unknown if he would be returning as Todd or someone connecting him to the character.

“I am looking forward to returning to One Life to Live,” stated Howarth. “We are going to have a lot of fun telling this story, and I am excited to see how it will unfold.”  Cari Stahler’s husband made his onscreen return on May 13, 2011.

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