Angelina Jolie Helps Salma Hayek In Celebrating Her 55th Birthday

Salma Hayek celebrates her 55th birthday and her family and friends, including Angelina Jolie help to celebrate with her.

The actress,Salma Hayek has taken to Instagram to post a video.In the video she was teaching Angelina Jolie how to make ‘Mexican mordida’ with her birthday cake,surrounded by a group of friends.

Salma Hayek was seen surrounded by her friends and family plus Angelina Jolie, sitting in front of her birthday cake, in a clip she posted on Sept. 3.

Hayek, along with her brother, Sami were seen instructing Jolie to help push Hayek’s face into the cake. Jolie is overheard telling Sami, “If you’re gonna do it, I’m following your lead.”
The group was also chanting, Hayek shouts, “Do it!” Eventually, the pair push the birthday girl’s face into the frosted dessert.
“Mordida!” was what all the guests at the party shouted before she put her face in the cake to take the first bite, which is a tradition Mexicans take part in during birthday celebrations.

According to Salma Hayek,herself and her brother were teaching Angelina about the fun tradition, in the caption for the post.

The caption said,
“My brother @hayekstudio and me trying to teach Angie how to do the mexican mordida @angelinajolie”.She also repeated the caption in Spanish.

Salma Hayek has been spending her birthday week in style as she shared a pic of herself on her actual birthday,rocking a brilliant blue, one-piece bathing suit.She was seen in the pic standing in front of some lush foliage while chilling in the ocean.

She shared the photo on her instagram page.

She wrote a caption, “Happy 55th birthday to me. Looking forward to new adventures #grateful.”

Fans flooded social media with their birthday wishes and comments.

A fan shared,
“OMG I loved this!”

Also,another fan wrote,
“Laughs, friends, family, and cake??! What a celebration of life!!”

She also shared another video of some colorful flowers and in the caption, (translated from Spanish) she said,
“Very thankful for all the love, expressed in a thousand ways, on my birthday. #grateful #flowers.”

Happy birthday to Salma!

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