Selena Gomez Reveals Meaning Of Her & Cara Delevingne’s Rose Tattoos

American actress and singer,Selena Marie Gomez has recently disclosed the purpose of her Rose Tattoo behind her back.

Fans and followers of Selena Gomez kept asking questions and wondering why she inked a tattoo of a watercolor rose on her back at the end of 2021.

Selena’s tattoo is a pink and black rose which took a portion of the top of her back, right underneath her neck.Currently, Selena has finally revealed the meaning behind the tattoo, which her friend, Cara Delevingne, also has on her body.

Selena Gomez has made known in an interview that her back tattoo was partly motivated by a nickname that her best friend, Cara Delevingne, gave to her.

Selena said on Live With Kelly & Ryan,
“It means a couple of different things,Me and Cara, one of my best friends, I was maybe 16 when I met her, she calls me rosebud. So it’s a nickname. And I’ve always wanted a rose and now I got one. And I love it!”

However, Selena and her friend Cara have known each other for years.The duo haven’t been spending some extra quality time together lately.

Meanwhile,Cara is not the only friend Selena has identical ink tattoos with.

Selena said,
“I have, actually, multiple tattoos with people who have honestly left a significant mark on my life,I have one with Julia Michaels and my mom and my best friends.”

Selena was promoting the upcoming Hotel Transylvania movie during the Kelly & Ryan interview.Selena was looking incredible in a plunging black top for the virtual Q&A.Her hair was styled in a short, sleek bob.

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