Scarlet Nygard- Everything About Peter Nygard’s Daughter

Scarlet Nygard

Scarlet Nygard is among the children of her rich and successful father Peter Nygard. Scarlet Nygard is the daughter of Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion executive who founded Nygård International, a Winnipeg-based company that made women’s apparel.

Scarlet Nygard:Profile Summary

NameScarlet Nygard
famous asDaughter of Peter Nygard
parentsPeter Nygard and Angelica Szczepaniak
grandparentsHilkka Nygård and Eeli Nygård
AuntLiisa Nygård Johnson

Peter Nygard’s daughter, Scarlet Nygard seems to have quite a private life as little is known about her life and not much is available about her early life, childhood, educational qualification, and profession. Scarlet Nygard has probably enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle as her father was a well-to-do personality who is rich.

Scarlet is not much active on her social media, Instagram and her official account are out of sight. She is not seen much when it comes to the public and the media since her father was arrested for a shameful crime. It seems she has decided to remain silent from the public and on her other social media handles due to her father’s deeds.

Scarlet was currently talked about in the Dateline show as she is a close family member of Peter Nygard who committed the crime of sex trafficking.

Scarlet’s dad has ten children with eight different women. Her father’s three eldest children were mothered by Patricia Bickle. His son Jesse and daughter Xar are a result of previous unidentified relationships. Scarlet’s father gave birth to Mika whose mother was a Finnish-Canadian ex-airline flight attendant, Kaarina Pakka.

However, Scarlet is the child of Nygard’s relationship with Polish-born Angelica Szczepaniak.

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Scarlet Nygard’s father has been accused of sex trafficking, rape, and racketeering after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided his company’s offices in New York City. He was also formally charged and arrested on sex trafficking and racketeering charges which included allegations that the sex trafficking involved minors.

Scarlet’s dad is currently being held in custody in Toronto on previous sexual assault charges. He has been arrested in Winnipeg, Canada, under the Extradition Act on 15 December 2020.

He currently resides in jail awaiting extradition proceedings and potential extradition to the U.S.

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