Model left with severe head injuries after a leopard attack during photoshoot

Jessica Leidolph,a model in Germany has reportedly been attacked by a leopard during a photoshoot.

The 36-year-old model has suffered severe head injuries after she was attacked by the leopard during a photoshoot. 

Reports has it that ,the police has launched an investigation following the models attack.

According to the German news agency dpa, the model,Jessica Leidolph is suffering from a severe head injury and was taken to a specialty clinic by an helicopter.

The owner of the animal,I.e. the leopard is also being investigated for her involvement as well as suspicion of negligent bodily harm.

The owner of the leopard that attacked the model has another leopard and also owns other animals at a compound.
The owner of the leopard has owned leopards since the year 2019 according to the agency.

She has worked as an animal trainer for amusement parks and circuses for a period of 20 years.

Following the incident that happened, a public health officer has reportedly visited the compound on Wednesday to check up on the place, if the animals were properly kept and if the facility was up to regulatory standards.

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