Freddie Figgers: From A Dumpster Boy to a Tech Millionaire

  • Freddie Figgers was thrown away into a dumpster hours after being born and found by a good samaritan who gave him to a foster home
  • Growing up He was referred to as “the dumpster baby” by his peers at elementary school.
  • The “dumpster boy”- Freddie Figgers survived the torment and bully and built himself into a tech guru who founded a firm that is now valued at millions of dollars

Freddie Figgers’s life is the proper definition of from Grass to grace. Today, Freddie Figgers , 31 years old is a multi-millionaire tech inventor whose inventions include a GPS tracker designed after his father, Natham, developed Alzheimer’s disease and began to wander.

“Listen I’m going to shoot it to you straight, son. Your biological mother, threw you away, me and Betty Mae, we didn’t want to send you through the foster home and we decided to adopt you, and you’re my son,” Freddie recalls his father revealing the truth about his birth to him.

“When he told me that, I was like, ‘Okay that means I’m trash,’ and I felt so unwanted,” said Freddie. “But he grabbed my shoulders and he said, ‘Listen, don’t you ever let that both you.’” -he shares the thoughts that ran through his mind when he discovered the circumstances around his birth.

When Freddie Figgers was born in 1989, his mother threw him away into a dumpster in Florida, USA. A passerby found him alone and in distress, and called the police, after which he was treated and given to foster parents Nathan and Betty Figgers who lived in nearby Quincy.

“Kids and mates used to bully me and call me names, ‘Dumpster baby,’ ‘Trash can boy,’ ‘Nobody wants you,’ ‘You’re dirty,” said Freddie.

Thankfully, Freddie continued to persevere, although the circumstances of his adoption continued to follow him throughout his youth.

Encounter with a laptop changed my life

At the age of nine, his foster father bought him a broken Macintosh computer that cost $25 (Roughly GH 300 Cedis as of 2021) and allowed him to explore it.

He wouldn’t stop trying to fix it until he was able to get the computer back up and running.

“As I was looking through the broken computer I saw capacitors that were broken. I had soldering guns there and I had some other tools, so I took parts out of my father’s radio alarm clock and I soldered them into the circuit board.” Freddie Figgers shared

He also shared that It took him about 50 attempts before the computer finally powered on and it was at this very moment that he discovered he will want to spend the rest of his life working within the field of technology.

At 15-year-old Freddie Frigger started his first company, Figgers Computers, which dealt with computer repairs and data storage on servers. With his own cloud database and a base of 150 clients that were interested in his services, Freddie decided to forget about going to college and rather concentrate on providing better services to his clients.

I wouldn’t recommend my path to everyone, but it worked for me,” he advised.

In January 2014, Figger was only 23 years old when he sold the rights to the GPS tracker he designed for $2.2 million, and unfortunately for him, he lost his beloved father within that same month too.

Freddie Figgers now lives in Parkland is married to Natalie, an attorney, and is a father of a beautiful daughter of two years.

Freddie Figger’s Net worth

He is the founder of Figgers Wireless, a privately held telecommunications company that he said was appraised in 2017 to be worth more than $62 million.

Although Freddie Figgers is still managing his sizable business selling smartphones and data plans to his clients, he said he is still passionate about combining technology with health care and safety someday.

He is also into the sales of a wireless blood glucose meter for people with diabetes. The powerful device allows patients to download and share glucose levels through Bluetooth technology. And he also talked about his work on another project that will be similar to his “smart shoe” technology but in this case, it will help families stay in touch with loved ones experiencing homelessness.

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