Daniel Borden Wheeler: Who is the Husband Of Maggie Wheeler?

Daniel Borden Wheeler

Daniel Borden Wheeler is an American citizen recognized as the spouse of American actress Maggie Wheeler. Daniel is a celebrity spouse who is also a sculptor. Daniel Borden’s age is unknown for now but some sources say he is probably between the ages of 60 to 65 years old.

Daniel Borden Wheeler: Bio Summary

NameDaniel Borden Wheeler
Famous asSpouse of Maggie Wheeler
Nationality American
Profession sculptor
spouseMaggie Wheeler
children Gemma Wheeler and Juno Wheeler

As a sculptor, Daniel Borden Wheeler has won for himself several accolades and his passion for art extends to his love for his family. His brilliant works revolve around distinct kinds of ceremonial objects and spaces, per the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

His sculptures frequently have moving parts that can be manipulated and during the year 1995, the Los Angeles Times featured Daniel’s work and an article revealed that Daniel’s art depicts the body’s spatial movement and the relationship between what can be observed versus what is felt.

In 1970, he recalled a piece of art he made designed to look like an eroded small airplane wing on the floor, dubbed “Untitled (Wing).” For him to build the artwork, he creatively kept the art, “wing” under the ocean waters for six months so that barnacles and algae could form on the piece.

Daniel Wheeler is married to Margaret Emily Wheeler. They got married on October 20, 1990, at a ceremony in Los Olivos, CA, and have since been together, for a little more than three decades now. Daniel and Margaret have been blessed with two adorable daughters, Gemma Wheeler and Juno Wheeler.

Daniel revealed that he takes Valentine’s day very seriously and has made sculptures of Valentines for my wife since they met, and for his two daughters all their lives too. According to him, their home is filled with objects.

Daniel Borden Wheeler’s wife is an actress who is known for her role as Janice on the situational comedy series Friends, a role she played as Janice from 1994 to 2004. Daniel’s wife is also a voice-over artist and a singer, born in New York City to a writer, Barbara, and John Jakobson, who started on Wall Street as one of the youngest members of the New York Stock Exchange.

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The wife of Daniel, Margaret was raised in a secular Jewish household and graduated from The Calhoun School in New York City. In the 1980s, Daniel’s wife under her maiden name of Jakobson briefly dabbled in voice acting and appeared on the hit comedy Seinfeld in the episode “The Fix-Up”, as one of Elaine’s friends who is set up with George.

She has appeared in various television programs, such as Drake & Josh, ER, The X-Files, The War at Home, Will & Grace, Jack and Jill, How I Met Your Mother, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She also voiced Harley Quinn’s replacement in the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Joker’s Millions”, in 1997.

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