Cardi B Express Her Thoughts On Rappers Making “Depressing” Music Due To Intake Of Too Much Drugs

American rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B has recently made a comment about rappers.

Cardi B has spark conversations and controversies as she talks about rappers making “depressing music” ruining the club scene.

Cardi went on Instagram Live and made claims that the type of music rapper’s are making is depressing due to them consuming too many drugs. The 29-year-old criticised the music that her other colleague rappers are producing.

According to her, rappers consume too many drugs and she mentioned specifically lean and marijuana.She added that rappers “need to stop doing lean and smoking weed”.

Cardi said: “I know what n* is missing in the club, me”.

“They missing me, they missing my music. And now that I’m in the game and everything and I be seeing all these mothef***ers on Twitter like, ‘You need to have rap, you need to have bars, you need to have this…”

She added,”I want to make music to turn the fk up. ’Cause when I go to the club, that’s what n wanna hear. N** ain’t hearing no…I feel like we keep hearing the same song over and over and over again.”

She also said, “These rappers nowadays, all of them wanna die. They all wanna die. All these n* need to stop doing lean and smoking weed. You know, this the thing about these rappers, right?”

“They get money and they start buying too much motherfking weed, and too much lean and they make that slow sht. The club needs me. The strippers need me. The hes need me. The motherfking get money n* need me.”

After her utterance debates have been sparked on social media as netizens express their mix reactions.

However,Cardi B has clarified her points following the Instagram Live.
Cardi B said, “I wanna shake my a*s.”

Cardi took to Twitter to write,
‘I just want a balance sorry if I worded things wrong. I just love music that drop hard and turn the club up like dreams & nightmare & First day out by tee grizzly. A perfect balance of rap and turn up.’

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