Who Is Zed Williams? Find Out More About him

Zed Williams

Zed Williams is a pro lacrosse player born on May 23, 1995, in Irving, New York. Zed is the son of the late Daniel Williams who was a manual laborer and his mother was Wendy Williams. Zed’s father had always invested in the concept of working hard for success in Zed.

Zed Williams: Bio Summary

NameZed Williams
BornMay 23, 1995
Birth Place Irving, New York
ChildrenDani Williams, Everli Williams, Noah and Portia
ParentsDaniel Williams, Wendy Williams

Zed Williams graduated from Virginia in 2017 and started playing varsity lacrosse at the eighth grade of Silver Creek High School. He got Armour All-American and three-time All-American honors and broke two national career high school records.

Zed has four older siblings, Jonathan Williams, JoJo Williams, Zach Williams, and “Cornbread” and also has two older sisters, Samantha Williams and Mary Williams, and a younger brother, Sherman Williams. During Zed’s childhood, he usually played sports with his brothers who often made him cry. As a result of the actions of his brothers, Zed became more competitive and unafraid of new challenges.

Zed as an emerging star in the world of lacrosse holds an attack position at Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club in PLL. He initially debuted in Major League Lacrosse before joining the new league and is one of the tough players of PLL.

He has also earned much recognition for his incredible lacrosse skills as his fans love him. Zed has also led his club to win PLL Championship in his career and has kept being dominant in the field.

Zed Williams has been named one of the best lacrosse players in the world. He does prioritize his family very well and has always worked hard to make them proud. Zed is a family man and his partner is Amanda.

The exact date the pair started dating is unknown, but it was probably during their college years. Zed’s girlfriend, Amanda, graduated from the University Of Buffalo Law School. Both of them enrolled in separate universities but retained their relationship.

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Zed’s wife, Amanda, worked full-time at the United States District Court in Buffalo. After about an of Zed and Amanda’s wedding, they welcomed their first child, Dai Williams. Everli Williams was their second daughter, Everli Williams, however, Zed had two stepchildren, Noah and Portia.

Zed’s wife is rarely seen in the media as she opts to remain out of the spotlight. Meanwhile, Zed also keeps his children unexposed to media but mostly refers to them as his motivation to do better in every upcoming game. Zed also paid his dad a special tribute after his death from diabetes complications likewise, his mother, Wendy Williams.

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