Lesa Tureaud: Everything About The Daughter of Mr.T.

Lesa Tureaud

Who is Mr. T’s daughter?

Lesa Tureaud is the daughter of Mr. T. Lesa Tureaud’s father Mr. T is an American actor. He is known for his roles as B. A. Baracus in the 1980s television series The A-Team and as boxer Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III.

Lesa Tureaud: Bio Summary

Full NameLesa Tureaud
famous as daughter of Mr. T
Age 51 years as of 2022
Date of Birth1971
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, United States
Siblings Laurence Tureaud Jr., Erika Tureaud
Parents  Mr. T, Phillys Clark

Lesa Tureaud is the daughter of Mr.T. She was born in 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She is the daughter of Mr.T and his ex-wife, Phillys Clark. As of 2022, she is 51 years old. She is not the only child of her parents, she has two other siblings- They are Laurence Tureaud Jr. and Erika Tureaud.

Lesa is said to be a rising stand-up comic. while her sister Erica Clark had been instructing children with autism and down syndrome until 2013 when she eventually decided to pursue her dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

In an interview with NBC about her professional turning point, she talked about her past life and present life. She spoke about being the only black student in her school; she was never bullied.

What we know so far about Mr.T, Lesa Tureaud’s father 

Laurence Tureaud popularly known as Mr.T is an American actor, television personality, and professional wrestler. Mr.T was born on 21 May 1952 in Chicago, Illinois. He is the youngest among eleven siblings, four sisters and seven brothers.

 His father’s name was Nathaniel Tureaud, a Minster. He left his family when Mr.T was only five years old leaving the mother to take care of the family. He is a well-known mohawk and his gold chains.

Mr.T attended Dunbar Vocational High School, where he played football, and studied martial arts and wrestling. When he was at the school, he became the city’s wrestling hero two years in a row. He also won a football scholarship which got him into Prairie View A&M University Panthers in Prairie View, Texas.

He majored in a bachelor’s degree in mathematics but was expelled after his first year in the school.  He went into the military to become a military policeman in the U.S Army, his short stay in the military, he decided to join the Green Bay Packers, but a continuous knee injury kept him from making the team.

Lesa Tureaud’s father was diagnosed with T- cell lymphoma, a type of cancer in 1995. Due to his poor health, Mr.T’s fame is on the edge. He kept a low profile even after he recovered and limit his appearance in commercials.

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Lesa’s father Mr.T started appearing on big screens again after he regained his health fully. In 1999, he made a cameo in the children’s comedy Inspector Gadget. He then appeared in a number of series in 2001, like The Proud Family, Not Another Teen Movie, and Judgement.

Mr.T was also known for his distinctive hairstyle called Mandinka inspired by the warriors of West Africa and also his popular catchphrase that goes  “I Pity The Fool”. He even made his own reality show in 2015 named “I Pity The Fool”

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There was a sweetened breakfast and cereals manufactured by Quaker Oat Compay for Mr.T called Mr.T Cereals. The cereals were made of corn and oat and it was fortified with iron and Vitamin B. There was a cartoon on the box like Mr.T and it was made in a T shape.

Lesa Tureaud’s father lives between Chicago, Illinois, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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